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As a parent, sometimes discipline for your kids has to do with putting your wireless internet on lock down.  while browsing through my Netgear router functions, I had seen that you are able to put the connectivity of your wireless signal on a time schedule.  I tried to use this function with no success, until I found the one little tip that was preventing it’s functionality.

I’ll run through a brief tutorial and let you in on the tip along the way.  If any of the pictures are too small for you, just click on them and you will be directed to another page with a larger version of the same picture.

First log in to your router.  The easiest way to login to a Netgear router is to go to go to  If you have never messed with your configurations, and changed your password, the default login is admin and the default password is just password. (I recommend you change that by the way)

After you log in, you should find a side bar that looks something like this:

This should be on the left side of the screen, but may or may not look different depending on the model of your router.

You want to click on the “Block Services” tab.  Then you should see a screen that looks something like this:

Click “Per Schedule”, and then you need to add a service to block and it will show up in the “Service table”.   Click on “Add” just below the table.  Then you will get this screen:

For “Service Type” use the drop down menu and select “HTTP”.  This is the internet and port 80 will automatically be selected for you in the fields below this choice.

This is where things get a little tricky.  At home, we have one desktop computer and two laptops connecting through our Netgear router.  All three of these are assigned an individual “Dynamic” (Ever changing) Network IP address.  Therefore, when I tried to block this service for only the IP’s I wanted, the next day they would change and I was back to square one.  So without going through assigning static IP’s, I figured I would just lock down all 3 computers for the set period of time, since this would be when MOST of us are tucked away sawing logs. :)  So you should consider this a tutorial for only locking down 1 or all devices connecting to the router.

So after you have selected HTTP, all you need to do on this screen is select “All IP Addresses” under “Filter Services For” and then hit “Apply”.  This should kick you back to the Block Services screen and should now show some information in the fields, just as mine above does.

Now you should create a schedule for the lock down to occur.  So go back the the router’s left hand side panel, and select “Schedule” under “Content Filtering”.  You should then be directed to this screen:

This is quite self explanatory, just select the days you want and under “Time of day to Block”, you just need to make sure and use “Military time”.  On the right of your screen, there should be a short explanation as to how to find the time you want.  For am times though, if your first digit is only one digit, you must add a 0 in front of it.  The instructions leave this out.  You must ALWAYS remember to hit the “Apply” tab, or your changes will not be saved!


Now, for the one thing I lost all my hair over, you need to check what time your router thinks it is at the present time, or else you will find yourself with unforeseen downtime.  For my router, this is found under the “E-mail” link in the “Content Filtering” section.  Click this link and you will find this screen:

Look at the VERY bottom and it will tell you what time the router "Thinks" it is in your area.

If this is not right, then click the drop down arrow and find your correct time zone.  For some odd reason, it did not have the correct “Eastern” time zone for me, so I had to just find one that would make my time correct.  Again and as always, make sure and hit the “Apply” tab!

Now you should be good to go, and if your router is working properly, the internet should disconnect and connect at the time periods that you selected.  I have to admit that mine has acted flaky so far.  Seemed I had to go to the time zone a few times and reapply the time zone.  It’s like it had to re-sync with the time server.  But play around with it and see how it works.  Do a couple of trial runs, with maybe 10 minute intervals close to the time it is right now.  Even if you disconnect your internet service, you will still be able to connect to your router at and just turn off your scheduled internet outage.



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2 Responses to Schedule Your Internet Usage – Netgear WNR1000v2 Router

  1. Can you do a tutorial on how to only block one computer on your network during a particular time? I think you might need to show your fans how to do a ‘DHCP reservation’ but I can’t find anyone who knows how to do this :p

    • Paul says:

      No matter how small the package, a fan is still a fan, so I appreciate the fan fare! Ha ha! ;)
      Anyway, I would LOVE to find out how to block one particular computer at a time through my router, but at this time I don’t know to do this. When I tried to do this, I was able to enter one network IP address, but then I noticed that our LAN IP’s would change daily, so I think that was the conflict. Maybe I would have to assign Static IP’s and then block them within a “Range” that the router calls for? Amen? :P

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