De-Cloud from NuWave 360!

Without much help from NuWave Partners in Technology we managed to migrate EVERYTHING from a clients 360 Cloud deployment back to a hybrid on-premise and Office 365 configuration.

Things we managed to grab making the transition easy for us and the client:

  • The entire Active Directory infrastructure
  • The entire DNS infrastructure
  • Full sync of all Calendars, Contacts, E-Mail, Distribution Groups
  • Files, file structure, file and folder permissions, network shares
  • Databases

That’s all we needed.  We stood up two physical servers, both Server 2016 Standard, one to manage the infrastructure and another for Terminal Services (Remote Desktop Services).  Don’t let anyone hold you hostage in the cloud or nickel and dime you with things not covered under a contract.  With EITS you have the ultimate flexibility on service, product selection, hardware, provided solution and more to put you at ease with your data…remember, it’s YOUR DATA!

We made NuWave back the data and outlook data onto a USB disk then drive it over but it wasn’t ultimately needed (LULZ).

We also put up a Firewall that is far superior to the Cisco ASA product they had in place.


* Note:  “Without much help” means NuWave made us a moot account, an account with standard privilege (meaning no-privilege).  How did we manage to migrate ALL the data with a pitiful little account like that? Well…we can’t disclose that 😉

* Note:  NuWave is a competitor of ours whom we’ve graciously given FULL DOCUMENTATION to on a “transfer out” from EITS > NuWave and handed the client information over without question to NuWave.  Their level of professionalism, technical courtesy and reciprocation wasn’t felt on this migration from a “transfer in”, NuWave > EITS so we had to “coerce” the data out process without their systems express consent.  The client benefited because it was a seamless migration with almost zero downtime.

* Note: The client was unaware how we did what we did but loves the result!  They couldn’t believe how seamless it was, that’s not to imply there wasn’t any work to be had but we smoothed out the bumps and rough edges nicely.


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