Switch Fabric Upgrade: Savings of $5600

N2000 Series Switcehs from Dell

We did a switch fabric upgrade for a client.  They ordered a quantify of 4, Dell N2024 switches with two fiber SFP’s.

They were using older HP Pro Curves, then they switched to Cisco Small Business switches but the throughput wasn’t good enough so we switched them to the Dell N2000 series.  Brand New those switches retail for $2,000 dollars each but we picked them up for $600 each on the refurbished market.

New:  $8,000

Refurb:  $2,400

Net savings of $5,600 dollars!

What could you do with $5,600 dollars on your bottom line?  Perhaps buy a new server, new software, a WIFI deployment…or take a vacation!  We make cost effective custom solutions look easy.


Olimometer 2.52


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