Month: February 2018

IT Hypocrites don’t believe the Hyp(e)

IT companies selling cyber security services are mostly fakers when it comes to knowing the topic and to make matters worse flat out hypocrites.  Wow…bold statement!  How do you know?  Because we’ve seen it. The motivator and straw that broke the camels back (and we’ve got a strong back) is […]

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Microsoft License Verification Process SAM Audit

Have you been contacted by “Microsoft” to verify your Microsoft Licensing and do a SAM Audit?  Are you scared that the big bad $osftware company will come and lock you up (chants of “lock her up” are ringing in my head right now). Fear not – tell them to shove […]

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Matryoshka Packaging

Matryoshka packaging Matryoshka (Russian stacking dolls) are cool however, I had fun the other day unpacking a simple three inch mag strip reader from HP.  I was quite embarrassed for the human race after getting done though.  I should have taken a picture of the cardboard and packaging waste these […]

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