Matryoshka Packaging

Matryoshka packaging

Matryoshka (Russian stacking dolls) are cool however, I had fun the other day unpacking a simple three inch mag strip reader from HP.  I was quite embarrassed for the human race after getting done though.  I should have taken a picture of the cardboard and packaging waste these things created.  4 boxes created a shopping cart full of waste.  Packaging engineers are ruining the planet <– I’d argue that in a court of law.

I’m posting this to embarrass HP and packaging engineers.  Much like in IT things can be “over engineered” and this is a clear example of that!

The Chinese version of Matryoshaka!  Da!

I received a big box of course (not pictured) with 4 mag strip readers from HP.  The box seemed bigger than it had to be which was filled with those green tinted pillow air filled plastic cushions to make sure my card board boxes don’t get a nick in them…God forbid!  I then began opening up one of the boxes inside the big box they shipped it in which is where we leave off…































To all you packaging engineers and Chinese manufacturers…is this necessary?  Why for the lover of pandas do you need this much packaging to protect what is a durable good with no moving parts?  Oh lordy Matryoshka.

For the love of Matryoshka please stop!

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