Join Our Team!

Do you have IT technical talent?  Maybe you’re the right fit to join our team!

EITS is a consortium of IT talent in differing spheres of expertise.  We are all consultants and we often bring our own client base into the practice.

  • Desktop Support
  • Systems Administration
  • Software & Web Development
  • Systems Engineering
  • IoT
  • Open Source & Linux
  • Microsoft Windows
  • IT Security & Systems Security
  • Project Management & Contract Management

…and more.

EITS provides leads, back end billing and receivable help, diverse opportunity to work in all kinds of IT arenas, technical help to round out product offerings to your clients, expertise where you don’t have it and more.

Contact us today and lets chat.  See if our technical philosophies line up with yours after all, we only work with people who are a good fit and heading in the general direction we’re going.


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