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To us networking isn’t just hardware, it’s the software and how you manage the network.  People often call it the “network fabric”.  Without the network, nothing works and if it’s not working well or managed well it  just won’t work well.  If you’re experiencing computing issues, the slow down might not be a computer problem but a network problem.  Our secret to success is a holistic approach to networking and computing where both hardware and software are leveraged to create highly available high capacity networks.

If by chance you’re using “Cisco” equipment or perhaps equipment from another vendor like Juniper, Netgear, Dell, HP, etc…there are a million vendors and what matters isn’t the vendor but the hardware.  We often have clients say well we’ve got a “gigabit switch” and therefore we should see speeds of a gigabit.  Our computers  are connected at a “gigabit” so that can’t be the problem.  Again; what’s interesting here is that anything can link up at a gigabit BUT if the “backplane” on the switch (sometimes called the “switch fabric”) can’t handle pushing that amount of traffic when all the ports are lit up you can see a significant slow down and not get a full gigabit worth of throughput so things will seem slow.  We’ve discussed “bandwidth” in a blog post about the subject and how many “systems engineers” misunderstand a simple concept like bandwidth.

It’s important to remember that many vendors have price points and with price points comes marketing.  A gigabit switch doesn’t mean it has switch fabric capacit to push heavy loads and if you use applications like QuickBooks, Act, Sage 100/200, etc, special desktop applications in your industry…and it seems “slow” it quite possibly might be your core switch or network doesn’t have capacity in the switch fabric to push the large traffic volumes through fast enough.  We also understand holistically that there are other things that affect performance like computer processor speed, computer memory (RAM), disk or hard drive latency, perhaps the server isn’t configured optimally as is the case when many firms build database servers.

Know this, that if you’re experiencing slowness or issues there is a reason!  EITS can help you find those reasons.

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