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We’ve actually saved clients millions of dollars the past 9 years but have only started calculating it since January!  Again, we’re not the “low cost provider” we’re the “high cost saver”.  For a detailed example of what a high cost saver means see the “Why Express IT Solutions” link where we detail and example of saving a client $50,000 dollars in one meeting.

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Arcadia Ales:

Internet:  Arcadia Ales was on an “Internet Island” and their existing DSL copper connections were at the end of the ATT line so signal quality was not good thus their Internet was slow and over saturated with traffic. With the Kalamazoo River to their West, train tracks and a big utility to their North and East and the main street to their South with no immediate neighbors things were not looking promising.  It would cost approximately $20, 000 dollars to bring in fiber or get cable Internet.  Although we recommended that as the beset option we also suggested finding a polite neighbor to the West with a clear line of sight to the building.  We could shoot over Internet with point to point wireless.  Their Internet bill is about $60 per month, the equipment and installation was less than $1000 dollars and they’ve got 25x the speed of their saturated connection.

WKW Bowers Manufacturing:

Custom:  The difficulty was a home grown piece of software that wasn’t maintained over the years, another piece of software came up along side and now both pieces were used in tandem to record and log lab results on internal part testing.  The solution was to consolidate both applications after the maintainers could no longer maintain the software or they moved on in their careers.  Working with their lab team we came up with a direction to consolidate the best features into one web based application which improved productivity not having to use two applications, gave better reporting and the results their vendors were looking for with product testing results.

Testimonial:  “Rafael is a smart guy and helped us perfectly with his business in a complicated situation. You can take his company name “Express IT Solutions” as granted.” – Christoph Morgenroth, Informationsmanagement bei WKW, Erbslöh Aktiengesellschaft

Chem Link, Inc:

Security. The owner was obsessed about proprietary formulas, intellectual property and industry specific information that could in no way be kept in digital formats on the network or connected to the Internet. After assuring him we could keep things safe we implemented rigorous security protocols from the edge of the network (the firewall) into the heart of the network (the core).  After implementing our security stack they never even had a popup ad. We developed custom block lists, leveraged open-source technologies for intrusion detection, secured Internet look-ups (DNS) with more block lists and locked down workstations, servers and other network hosts while maintaining productivity.


Email & Firewall:  They were looking to migrate away from Exchange 2003 into another solution whether that was Exchange 2010 or something else.  The goal was to minimize expenses while maximizing value and functionality.  The solution was an open source product called Zarafa (we’re now recommending Zimbra because Zarafa has become a bit of a moving target). It’s an email collaboration suite built on open-source technologies fully compatible with Outlook, address books, calendaring, mobile.  This cut their licensing costs dramatically, gave them great up-time and very few problems.  Signart has been happy with this solution for at least 4 or more years now and their year over year ROI has been amazing!

Testimonial:  “Rafael has proven himself indispensable during our infrastructure and security upgrade projects.  He brings to the table a passion for problem solving that is often missing in this industry.”  – M. Hanna SignArt, Inc. Kalamazoo

Absolute Home Care:

Web:  They were looking for a contemporary up to date mobile friendly website that could help them with how they’re perceived in the industry. They were also looking for something they could get into and make edits.  We were able to fit a new mobile friendly site into their budget, give them the access they needed to make changes, updates and edits in addition to being reasonable with pricing for both the development and hosting package.

Testimonial:  “Absolute Homecare & Medical Staffing choose Express IT Solutions for website design for a variety of reasons- the top two including high recommendations from professional peers and connection to Buy Local of Greater Kalamazoo.  Rafael (and team) were easy to work with, timely with follow-up, and helpful in navigating web design options.  We were pleased with the final product and appreciative of their continued support for trouble-shooting, needed expertise, required updates/tweaks.”


Security:  Nobody is without their own problems needing a solution.  How does that old saying go about the cobbler?  We had problems with hackers brute forcing their way into our web hosting platform which forced us to get serious about security.  During what took several months and continues to be honed is a process we call a bullet proof vest.  A security layer from the edge to the resource that threats need to navigate but fail.  Since implementing our Whackers For Hackers real time block list (W4H) which all our firewalls now leverage things have gotten better.  We can’t give out the secret sauce but we can tell you it’s delicious!  We have had one client that in over about 9 years of doing business with them haven’t had one breach, hack or compromise but that is only a result of continuous improvement.  We continue to do better and progress in the IT security space.

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