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Express IT Solutions Scorecard™ for the C-Level

Express IT Solutions, combines our Express Timeliness™ and Express IT Solutions Scorecard™ to perform a complete valuation of your current systems as requested and needed.  Don’t worry we won’t need any of your data or passwords to conduct our test.  Our approach is to take a look inside from the outside searching for outside hacking vulnerabilities.  This is an important first step as most companies are inside-out focused making it difficult for their IT staff to spot vulnerabilities.   Current ransom viruses as well as recent breaches costing corporations hundreds of millions of dollars could many times be stopped for pennies on the dollar.

Because many of these hacks involves inside knowledge, Express IT Solutions goes one step further with complete confidentiality by not disseminating our results to your staff (unless you choose us to) and even a signed confidentiality agreement with your firm.  This unique service is initially free and gives executives a heads-up on any inside staff vulnerabilities and correcting them as agreed upon and needed.   Had the recent breach hired Express IT Solutions Scorecard™ the vulnerability may have been able to be fixed for as little as $5.00.

Annual Agreement Packages:

Annual packages with an “unlimited” amount of IT support you will need each month. Call or contact us so we can discuss your needs and suggest the proper monthly rate.  These packages are not limited in support, we’ll support databases, reports, storage, networking, IT security and encompass anything related to IT and some telecom functions including programming – anything you need!  We can also include web hosting, web development and possibly legacy application development.  If you have a system we can manage it, support it, upgrade it or perhaps integrate it.

Buy-Out Services / A la carte:

No monthly fees. No agreement. Call or contact us with your current IT problem and we will provide a solution and a quote free of charge. If you decide to use our services we will start your job immediately. Payment is due upon job completion.

Express Timeliness™ and Express IT Solutions Scorecard™ are Trademarks of Express IT Solutions, LLC

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