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Bandwidth Speed, Up / Down and all around

Are you confused about bandwidth, throughput, pipe, upload, download, and the “big words” the “engineers” like to throw out there like; asynchronous, synchronous or “DIA” (Dedicated Internet Access) and how it relates to Internet connection speeds?  You might be surprised that even the “engineers” don’t understand it either and are […]

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Maximizing Network Bandwidth

We recently ran into issues with Broadcom (QLogic) network cards on a few servers.  Turning Jumbo Frames on to increase capacity allowing 9,000 bytes instead of the default 1,500 bytes actually caused us to experience a dramatic reduction in overall capacity and bandwidth.  I used a program called iperf to […]

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N2000 Series Switcehs from Dell

Switch Fabric Upgrade: Savings of $5600

We did a switch fabric upgrade for a client.  They ordered a quantify of 4, Dell N2024 switches with two fiber SFP’s. They were using older HP Pro Curves, then they switched to Cisco Small Business switches but the throughput wasn’t good enough so we switched them to the Dell […]

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