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Hacker explosion May 2020

A hacker explosion is bigger and better than ever in May of 2020. A few weeks back we saw a spike in blocked IP addresses on a honeypot we manage for our Whackers For Hackers IPBL (IP Block List). The thing is, this particular honeypot already had large swaths of […]

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Cisco Talos…so dumb

If you’ve read our blogs, heard our talks at our local KLUG group, personally talked to me or conversed via email you all know how much I love Cisco (eye rolls).  I was at an event in Lansing, MI recently about small business in Michigan (SBAM).  A rather derpy VAR […]

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Fireball Malware and Malvertising

A new Malvertising attack is in the news…isn’t it always?  This time (June of 2017) it infected / affected 250 million hosts.  How does it work?  It works by leveraging the online advertising mechanisms that advertise to you!  This one is “new” in that it generates revenue by fake clicks […]

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