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Nextcloud Hosting & on premise Active Directory integration

At Express IT Solutions we like to consider ourselves as problem solving solution providers. Our IT philosophy is a KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach. Keeping things as “simple” as possible is generally our goal. Could we make things more complex? Sure but why do that when more can potentially […]

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Bit Defender Hypocrites!

We call’m like we see’m!  IT philosophy is everything.  Take Bit Defender for example, absolutely absurd philosophy and behavior in an article they published titled:  “Some router updates fail to protect against known vulnerabilities“.  Is that a true statement?  Sure, but lots of operating system updates also fail to protect […]

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Corporate Routers & Open Source – GET REAL!

I’m pushing back!  Why?  Because you dear reader NEED to be enlightened (possibly).  Perhaps you’re already an enlightened digital soul…? MOST ROUTERS ARE OPEN SOURCE: Did you know most routers controlling corporate networks or even your home are “open source”…here’s a list?  Open Source shouldn’t be a dirty word anymore, […]

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