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Highly available IPSEC VPN

Does your company have multiple sites needing serious up-time on both Internet and VPN?  If so then you need PFSense and a DYNDNS provider.  Why?  Let me explain… PFSense is a router / firewall and in our opinion one of the best.  It’s free, Open Source and has reasonable pay […]

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Corporate Routers & Open Source – GET REAL!

I’m pushing back!  Why?  Because you dear reader NEED to be enlightened (possibly).  Perhaps you’re already an enlightened digital soul…? MOST ROUTERS ARE OPEN SOURCE: Did you know most routers controlling corporate networks or even your home are “open source”…here’s a list?  Open Source shouldn’t be a dirty word anymore, […]

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What Microsoft says about BSD (and thus PFSense)

Ignorance is bliss right?  Not when it comes to budgets, your health, relationships, that wart developing on your face…well, maybe in a lot of things ignorance isn’t bliss now that I think about it but certainly not when it comes to your corporate edge which is our topic of discussion.  […]

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