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IT Problem Solvers:

Solving problems is the key to any good technical consultant.  It takes creativity and know-how. At Express IT Solutions we’ve got the experience and creative brains to help you solve any issues from integration between diverse systems, programming, connectivity or whatever else might come up!

We’ve actually saved clients millions of dollars the past 9 years but have only started calculating it since January 2017!  We’re the “high cost saver” which means we’re not the cheapest low cost provider but we’ll save your company so much money we will pay for ourselves.  See “Why EITS” for an example of what a “high cost saver” is where we detail a $50,000 dollar savings for a client in one meeting.

We’re a consortium of technical experts.  Here’s our current (but not limited to) roster:
Rafael Wolf (Owner & President of EITS, LLC):

Technical Expertise:  Systems Management, Expert Generalist, Business Analysis and how IT relates to other segments of a business, Linux & Open Source Systems, VMWare, Hyper-V, Storage (SAN), Windows, MAC, Firewall (Firewall-Z), IT Security (Creator of the Whackers For Hackers IPBL), Active Directory, DNS, Switching / Networking, Project Management, Virtualization, Virtual CIO / Virtual CTO / Virtual IT Director.  LinkedIn | Twitter

Mark Deweese (Database Administrator & Programmer):

Technical Expertise:  SQL Database Administration, Data Warehousing, Data Architecture, Systems Integration, ASP, .NET, C#, VB, Javascript, LAMP Stack, Business Analytical mind that can deliver solutions in a complex enterprise,  SharePoint, Legacy Application Development (Visual Studio for example), Dot Net Nuke, Access, SSIS, Crystal Reports, Virtual CIO / Virtual CTO / Virtual IT Director

Douglas Phillips (Systems Administrator):

Technical Expertise:  Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, product specialist and A+ Certified. Extensive experience in computer systems installation, service, and support in the Pharmaceutical, Banking, Medical, Non-profit, Entertainment and Computer industries.

Greg Johnson (Systems Administrator & Systems Engineer):

Technical Expertise:  Windows, Storage (SAN, NAS, Backup), Systems Support, Systems Engineering, Networking, Systems Architecture, Application Support, Project Management, Client Relations, Virtualization, Wireless, Managed Services, Virtual CIO / Virtual CTO / Virtual IT Director

Vacant (Support & Admin):

Technical Expertise Desired:  Windows, Linux, Mac, Exchange Server, Systems Support, Systems Administration, Technical Support, Active Directory, Network Management, TCP/IP, Subnetting, DHCP, DNS, CPanel & LAMP stacks, Label printing and label setup (Zebra & Sato), manufacturing IT, physical infrastructure cabling, batch files, scripts, shell scripts, power shell.

Interested in joining our team?

Andrew Watson (Cisco):

Technical Expertise:  Network Security and Design, Cisco and various platforms that provide routing and switching, Network Administration, Disaster Recovery, Network and Systems fail-over design, pfSense, Firepower Threat Defense, Solarwinds, Spiceworks, VMware, OpenDNS, Cisco, Meraki

Pete Corra(Management):

Technical Expertise:  Business Management, Contract Management, Contract Negotiations, Vendor Management, Client Negotiations, Business Development


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