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Why is Express IT Solutions different than the ten other companies  one just Google’d?  Getting quotes for thousands of dollars on a new website for your business?  Read on…

Express IT Solutions provides any web-development solution no matter how complex as well as simple hosting packages for your business building on frameworks you may have heard of:  WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla thereby getting your companies website up and running quickly while minimizing typical “website design” costs.

Express IT Solution self-hosts on our own servers, on our own Internet currently provided by CTS Telecom in Climax, MI and in our own facility located in Kalamazoo, MI.  This is unlike most other companies who don’t run on their own infrastructure and lease servers from other companies thereby driving up cost and suffering support.

This very website is physically sitting right in Kalamazoo as you read these words!  We can also leverage larger providers like Amazon Web Services, Rack Space, co-located servers in any other facility or on your own premise per client requirements.  Most small-medium to large businesses typically do fine with our hosted solution. They enjoy both updated server infrastructure and solid security to protect their website from intrusion at a great price.  We can confidently say there is no other company, yes none with tighter security on their webs servers than Express IT Solutions.  How do we know?  Because we also build our own security solutions to guarantee your website will be hacker free (read more about our methods at Whackers For Hackers).

Don’t believe us?  Feel free to contact Habitat for Humanity in Battle Creek, MI.  Ask them what life was like before their hosting provider abandoned them.  Poor service, spam with lewd messages and malicious links…switching to EITS’s hosting platform was the best thing that could have ever happened to them.  We never met them until after we designed and deployed their site, we didn’t even require payment up front to get started working on it!

We’re proud of what we built.  Do you think a website for your business isn’t affordable?  Are you getting quotes for thousands of dollars up front?  Contact us today to find out how you could get a bran new website designed correctly on the Internets most secure hacker proof platform for as low as $85 dollars per month.  A two year commitment, monthly payments and after that there are no commitments.  Great customer service and our bulletproof infrastructure keeps our clients using our services.

Fast, affordable, quality web development and hosting.


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