Why Express IT Solutions, (EITS)?

Express IT Solutions has a business philosophy in IT:

IT is central to the success of all businesses.  Express IT Solutions believes in certain philosophical approaches to IT.  Some solutions are cookie-cutter approaches and are good for some things but not necessarily the others.  Express IT Solutions are need-based, problem-solvers. All of Express IT Solutions are client need based thereby truly solving the problem in comparison to so called supplier cookie-cutter seller based “solutions”.  This is why our clients need our experience and expertise. If your organization cares about saving money, cares about having a secure network with great up-time and the ability to access expert IT resources, one needs to contact Express IT Solutions today! IT philosophies matter.

Why cost effective solutions are the core of our IT business:

Most solutions we offer are cost effective and we always look for the right tool for the job. Express IT Solutions are always dependent on the requirement. We leverage open source or free software when it makes sense, commodity hardware, refurbished servers but not always. These simple approaches can dramatically cut costs on hardware, licensing and support costs. If you’re interested in learning more about ways we can save your business money while maintaining a robust secure infrastructure contact Express IT Solutions today!  We’re not the “low cost provider” but the “high cost saver” meaning, we won’t necessarily be the cheapest in town BUT we’ll save you the most money and save you from over paying other seller providers with a system that works.  (ask us about our running track record on HIPAA).

An example of this is when we saved a client $50,000 dollars.  How might you ask?  They were given a quote for a fiber optic network upgrade for $100,000 dollars.  After looking at this quote and taking measurements we realized their quote included all “single-mode fiber” runs.  There are two types of fiber, single-mode and multi-mode.  The difference?

  • One is “long haul” (that’s single-mode) and the other “short haul” (multi-mode).
  • Multi-mode will go a distance of 2000 feet with speeds up to 10 Gps (yes, 10 gigabits per second)
  • The cable optic sizes are different (nominal difference)
  • Single-mode is twice the price as multi-mode

So…how did we save a client $50,000 dollars in one meeting?  By suggesting the vendor requote the job with multi-mode fiber!

When we say we’re the “high cost saver” that’s what we mean.  Was it cheap to have us in the meeting, review the quote and suggest an alternative solution?  Maybe, maybe not but did we earn our keep?  Absolutely!

We can do that for you too!

Reference:  Multi-Mode Fiber, Single-Mode Fiber

Why we love what we do:

We love solving problems in the most cost effective and efficient way possible! That’s what makes us a competitive bulldog in the IT world. Nobody can match our price per solution and long term reliability. Have we piqued your interest? Contact us!

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