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<p>Creative content and security</p>
<p>Remote access, systems automation and timeliness with your support needs</p>
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<p>Security, systems integration, switching, WIFI, firewalls, monitoring</p>

Networking Solutions

To us networking isn’t just hardware, it’s the software and how you manage the network.  People often call it the “network fabric”.  Without the network, nothing works and if it’s not working well or managed well it won’t work well.  If you’re experiencing computing issues the slow down might not […]

Systems Support

Competent technical staff to support your IT infrastructure.  We use any number of methods including on-site, remote access, systems automation and timeliness to help when you need it to support and resolve issues that might crop up.   Tags: Systems Support, IT Support, Systems Automation, Managed IT, Managed Infrastructure, Managed […]

Technical Consulting

Solving problems is the key to any good technical consultant.  It takes creativity and know-how. At Express IT Solutions we’ve got the experience and creative brains to help you solve any issues from integration between diverse systems, programming, connectivity or whatever else might come up!   Tags:  IT Solutions, IT […]

Web Design & Hosting

We can provide anything from custom web development or web application development in the cloud or more cookie cutter solutions that leverage existing frameworks like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and the like to get your website up quickly while minimizing typical “website design” costs. We self host on our own servers, […]

Problems We Solve

Real customers – real solutions;  Do you need a solution? Arcadia Ales: Arcadia Ales was on an “Internet Island” and their existing DSL copper connections were at the end of the ATT line so signal quality was not good thus their Internet was slow and over saturated with traffic. With […]

Solution Packages

Annual Agreement Packages: Annual packages with the flexibility to choose the amount of IT support you will need each month. Call or contact us so we can discuss your needs and suggest the proper package. Buy-Out Services: No monthly fees. No agreement. Call or contact us with your current IT […]

Social & Online Marketing

We partner with a marketing company that knows social media! Facebook ads, Google Adwords, LinkedIn promoted articles to meaningful content creation we focus on organic and inorganic results boosting traffic to your website.  Social and online marketing is an opportunity you can’t miss out on!   Tags: Facebook Marketing, Social […]