Tag: IT security

Cisco Talos…so dumb

If you’ve read our blogs, heard our talks at our local KLUG group, personally talked to me or conversed via email you all know how much I love Cisco (eye rolls).  I was at an event in Lansing, MI recently about small business in Michigan (SBAM).  A rather derpy VAR […]

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Petya Ransomware

Petya’s been in the news lately so I thought I’d take a lookielou at it.  I found an interesting GitHub post about the topic here.  Here are my notes on the matter. * Our Whackers For Hackers IPBL blocked the distribution points for the most part (our firewalls would have […]

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Programmatically block TOR networks easily

There are many reasons to block TOR networks. Unchecked anonymity of your staff to surf without accountability Hackers and the dregs of the Internet like to use it as a platform to do criminal acts online and potentially attack you anonymously It’s a potential vector for information leakage …and more. […]

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